6 Ways to Gift Wrap Your Bricklettes Set 


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At Bricklettes, we like big blocks and we cannot lie -- and while that's awesome for kids who love to build, we also understand that presents a challenge when gifting Bricklettes for moments like the holidays. 

That's why we wanted to share a few ideas we've thought of that are the PERFECT way to display your Bricklettes under the tree this season. Scroll down to see 6 ways to gift wrap your set for the big day!

white building blocks toddler christmas gift

1. In a Classic Red Wagon

Your little one is sure to love this super cute way of displaying a smaller set of blocks, and will be entertained for hours pulling their "cargo" around!

white building blocks toddler christmas gift

2. Individually Wrapped as "Presents"

To really extend the unwrapping process, why not wrap each block individually in ribbon (or wrapping paper!) -- this approach will have your little one feeling like their presents are endless, and they can stack as they unwrap!

white building blocks toddler christmas gift

3. As a Scavenger Hunt

Almost like a twist on an Easter egg hunt, you could make the unwrapping process into a fun game as your little one searches the house for hidden Bricklettes to gather their full set!

white building blocks toddler christmas gift

4. Easy Peasy

If you find yourself out of time to build the blocks in advance of gifting, you can always just stick a bow on our beautiful mailer and worry about the assembly later. This package makes for a large-sized "present" that is sure to impress, built or not!

white building blocks toddler christmas gift

5. Bricklettes Express Play Plan

Our November Play Plan would make a perfect train setup around the tree on Christmas morning, don't you think?

white building blocks toddler christmas gift

6. Snowman Play Plan

Last but not least, our December Play Plan is simple to assemble and would be so fun for your little one to be greeted by 3-6 of these block snowmen as gifts under the tree!

We love sharing helpful tips, so let us know if you find any other creative ways to wrap your Bricklettes gift  -- you can DM us on Instagram (@bricklettes), or you can contact us by using the link at the bottom of the page!

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