The Starter White Brick Block Set

This set of 10 large white cardboard building blocks is perfect for those who might be short on storage space in their homes, little ones who have just started stacking, and toddlers who typically don't have to worry about sharing toys with siblings.

Product Details

  • Our aesthetically pleasing white-and-grey brick pattern was chosen as a nostalgic nod to the brightly colored brick blocks of the past
  • The neutral color calmly blends in with any home decor, encouraging the use of these essential STEM toys in even the most minimalistic of homes, and inviting both genders to play all day
  • Lightweight and stackable, with a matte look and feel that allows your little ones to safely build up and knock down as much as they please, in the quietest way possible!

Dimensions & Specs

  • Each set contains 10 large unassembled cardboard building blocks (equivalent to about 2 "toddler-height" towers)
  • All blocks are the same large "life-size" dimensions (8" x 4.5" x 4")

Materials & Care

  • Made from food-safe cardboard and water-based inks that comply with US & European regulations (including FDA, RoHS, and REACH SVHC)
  • Our blocks are capable of holding up to 150 lbs. each, and are built to withstand typical toddler behaviors such as kicking and throwing
  • Please do not allow the blocks to be exposed to moisture or wet conditions for any extended period of time (blocks may be wiped clean if needed, with a slightly damp cloth)

Shipping Info

  • Our block sets arrive flat-packed in the cutest play parcel mailer -- along with a clear, easy assembly manual and video instructions for parents
  • Orders typically ship within 15 business days (if you need your set by a certain date, please feel free to email us -- -- for assistance)

This product is backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelsey B. (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Best Bricks for Tots!

My toddler daughter LOVES building brick towers with her new bricklettes! Even better, these playtime bricks are durable, neutral in tone, and blend in nicely with any decor. If you’re looking for a great set of cardboard bricks for your tot (that can stay out and not be an eye sore!) these bricks are for you!

Customer (El Dorado Hills, California)
Calm in the messy storm of play.

My kindergarteners love building and knocking down their Bricklettes. I love them because they’re neutral and don’t add to the messy atmosphere like other brightly colored bricks would.

Denise R. (Dallas, Texas)
Love, love, love!

As a Kindergarten teacher my students have loved every bit of these durable bricks! We use them during small group centers and they ask to play with them almost daily. Can’t wait to add more to my collection next school year!

Ashley B. (Fort Worth, Texas)
Withstood My Son's Play!

If these can handle Archer Lee they can handle any kid! He ripped a really sturdy socket right out of the wall when he was 7.5 months ... I'm pretty sure he's going to be some sort of weight lifter or linebacker or something of the sort. I was doubtful and super worried he'd mess them up ... but they're really standing up to his roughness so far! It appears they're pretty Archer proof. He is asking for more so can't wait to get him a few more blocks for Christmas!

Bricklettes™ was founded by a mom of three who wanted to keep the nostalgia of traditional cardboard blocks while updating the aesthetic to fit modern playrooms and living spaces. Along the way, the mission for improvement was taken one step further by ensuring the use of food-safe inks and cardboard materials during production — giving a whole new meaning to the concept of "Prettier Play." 





cardboard blocks cute toys

Each block is the same large size

No deceptively small blocks included! (3 blocks stack to 2 feet tall)

girl leaning on white building blocks
boy sitting on white building blocks
cardboard blocks cute toys

Each block can hold up to 150 lbs.

And are lightweight & safe for noise-free tumbling (with a matte, non-slip feel)

cardboard blocks cute toys

Neutral colors & soothing pattern

Eases overstimulation for the whole family (plus, it's perfectly gender neutral!)

girl stacking white building blocks

What People Are Saying About Bricklettes™

"I loved these as a kid and so glad my daughter gets to play with the much cuter version!"


"They are so indestructible! Our girls have been abusing the heck out of them!"


"These gorgeous bricks {are} sturdy, quieter & lighter than the heavy wooden blocks, and just so beautifully made."


Our Happiness Guarantee

toddler sitting on white building blocks

We are incredibly proud of the quality, strength, and durability of our blocks. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Bricklettes™ set for any reason, simply reach out to our team via our Contact page and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. 

Happiness. Guaranteed.

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