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Bricklettes Starter White Building Blocks Set
Kelsey B. (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Best Bricks for Tots!

My toddler daughter LOVES building brick towers with her new bricklettes! Even better, these playtime bricks are durable, neutral in tone, and blend in nicely with any decor. If you’re looking for a great set of cardboard bricks for your tot (that can stay out and not be an eye sore!) these bricks are for you!

10/10 would recommend

My kids love these blocks! The possibilities are truly endless… they love to stack them (then knock them down), build roads, cars, bridges… you name it! We keep them in our living room so they’re accessible at all times for the kids (and they don’t detract from our decor.. win-win!) I think these will be a favorite in our household for a long time!!

Bricklettes Starter White Building Blocks Set
Customer (El Dorado Hills, California)
Calm in the messy storm of play.

My kindergarteners love building and knocking down their Bricklettes. I love them because they’re neutral and don’t add to the messy atmosphere like other brightly colored bricks would.

Best toy in my house!

A+ reviews from my girls! They love this brick set, they were screaming "more blocks" as I was building them and have not stopped playing with them since they came! They look as good as the day we opened them — I see a lot of castle building in our future. And even the packaging is cute!

Love, love, love!

As a Kindergarten teacher my students have loved every bit of these durable bricks! We use them during small group centers and they ask to play with them almost daily. Can’t wait to add more to my collection next school year!

Our kids love them!

Super easy to put together and super sturdy! The design is awesome and goes with all our decor. They are so sturdy that even our dog doesn't mess with them!

Bricklettes Starter White Building Blocks Set
Ashley B. (Fort Worth, Texas)
Withstood My Son's Play!

If these can handle Archer Lee they can handle any kid! He ripped a really sturdy socket right out of the wall when he was 7.5 months ... I'm pretty sure he's going to be some sort of weight lifter or linebacker or something of the sort. I was doubtful and super worried he'd mess them up ... but they're really standing up to his roughness so far! It appears they're pretty Archer proof. He is asking for more so can't wait to get him a few more blocks for Christmas!

Perfect gift to give!

I have bought several Bricklettes gift sets for friends’ children. I give them with confidence since they give go with everyone’s decor!

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