The Playroom Fireplace


JANUARY 27, 2023

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Another easy and cute Play Plan -- this cozy fireplace set up is sure to help to chase away the winter blues.


Set up your little one's very own fireplace in their bedroom or playroom for the perfect centerpiece addition to their space -- whether you choose to assemble it seasonally or opt to keep it year-round as a calm-down area or reading nook is up to your preferences!

How To Play: use our Fireplace Play Parcel to receive the fireplace print and the perfect number of blocks for this set up. Use strategic masking tape (as long as you are cautious/go slow when removing post-play, it shouldn't peel off the surface pattern of our blocks -- please contact us if it does!) to attach the blocks together in a square shape, and affix the fireplace print to the back of the structure. 

If you'd like to make it a permanent fixture, you can use hot glue or a stronger type of tape instead. Add any additional props or toys (like lightweight seasonal decor, books, or a play food "snack") that you might have handy, extend this invitation to play to your little one, and see where their imagination takes you!

 🔥 Skills Utilized:”real life” dramatic play experience (in a safe way that doesn't involve open flames!), giving them a relaxing space of their own that mimics a grown-up space, and allowing them to explore their creativity through seasonal mantel decorations if you so choose

 🔥 Number of Bricklettes Blocks Used: 12 (purchase our just-launched Fireplace Play Parcel to receive the exact number of blocks needed, as well as the fireplace print)

Head to Our Instagram to See: how our creative collaborator parent of the month @tatyreyesss styled her little ones' fireplace!

Fun Additional Activity: We are loving this mini sensory take on a fireplace using Play-Doh -- How To Make a Play Doh Fireplace! Awesome! Yay! Toy Unboxing - YouTube

Scroll Down: to see a few ideas of how to set up this fireplace for the winter season ... although the options are truly endless, year-round!