The Construction Site


JULY 3, 2022

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Whether you're planning a construction-themed birthday party for your toddler or setting up the perfect invitation to play for a little one who loves trucks, these creative tips using Bricklettes cardboard building blocks will help your child play for hours. These Montessori and STEM approved toddler activities are part dramatic play, part open-ended play, part sensory play & all FUN!⁠

🔧Skills Utilized: naming, hand-eye coordination, sensory, categorizing, counting, teamwork, building

🔧Number of Bricklettes Blocks Used: 11 - 20 (it depends on how much you want to build!)

🔧Time Toddlers Spent Playing Before Entering "Destruction Mode": 60 minutes!

Scroll Down To: see detailed photos of all the ways to set up & play with these building-themed activities!

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